My Wedding Day

My Wedding Day
Michael, my wonderful husband and I have been married for four and a half years. He is truly a blessing from the Lord and I am so thankful to be his wife

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reflecting on 2009

In the past few weeks, I have been thinking about and reflecting on the past year and the trials and blessings my husband and I have been through. Last week, my husband and I were able to go on an overnight marriage retreat to discuss the events of the past year and to talk about strengths and weaknesses in our marriage. As we began discussing 2009 month by month, I was reminded of the grace and faithfulness of the Lord. He provided and carried us through 4 years of seminary and blessed Michael with the opportunity of doing an internship at our church. The Lord also blessed us with peace, comfort, and trust as we lost our first baby in a difficult ectopic pregnancy and as we wait on the Lord's timing in blessing us with children. We were also blessed with a week of vacation at the beach to rest and enjoy each other's company. I am also reminded of the blessing it is to have family members that continually pray and support the work the Lord has called us to. The Lord has blessed me with an amazing, kind, loving, and considerate husband, who I hope to better serve and love in the coming year. It is a blessing knowing that the Lord has given me a husband to help refine and sancitfy me in my daily walk with the Lord. My prayer is that the Lord would strengthen me for the coming year and would help me to dwell on things above, not things here on earth. What hope and joy we have as believers to know that our future hope is secure in our relationship with Christ and what he has done for us on the cross.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

As we reflect upon the past year, we are reminded of the many blessings our Lord bestows on us on a daily basis. He is so faithful when we are not. It is amazing to us how he can love us in spite of our sinful nature and continually pour out on his grace on us. He is an amazing God, who is worthy of all worship and praise. Our prayer for the new year is that we will honor him more, praise him more, give thanks to him more, and fall into a passionate love relationship with our Lord who died for our sins and rose again. May we be faithful to Him every moment of our lives.